The biggest challenge I’m facing right now as a writer is finding a balance between living the grist, and getting it down afterwards. Heck, I’m just barely managing to get enough sleep. Blogging, editing, book writing, what’s that?

In the most recent stats I wrote something about “Nights I came home before midnight”. Well, we might have to change that to “Nights I’ve come home before 3 a.m.”.

So, after returning nearly every night or day with a new story, my new best poker media friend, John Caldwell, who will soon get very annoyed if I call him every morning to tell him who tried to play “WHIVSIV” with me, said he smelled a book. Well, I think of book ideas all the time, but this one felt right the minute he said the title. Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for a catchy book title?

100 Nights in Las Vegas

Actually, let me count out the actual number right now. Yep, I’ll get to 100. That will be July 24. Maybe we should make it 101.

Anyway, that’s the latest from the desert. I’m determined to get myself into a working routine…so off I go. Back at it. I’ll be blogging and editing in no time. Matter of minutes. Hmmm….or maybe I should email Jenny Bent first.


  1. I like it. Exactly up your alley. Now, to find the time to do it. you need a slave, a minion, someone to follow you around and take notes. a fly on the wall.

  2. I’m thinking more along the lines of buying a $200 voice recorder that can do MP3s and instead of calling John like I did this morning, or you like I did the other day, I’ll just talk while I’m having breakfast.

    I have no time. Zero. I have two websites to write for not including this one. Lets all give Kelly a big round of applause for that one!

  3. make use of that time in the car to and fro. Talk into the recorder as you drive – forget music – the sound of your own voice recording history is sooo much better. Those late night ramblings ought to make for great fodder for the book. Now to find a transcriber…..

  4. Lets fine tune. Mike, you out there? Rolf?

    101 Nights in Vegas: Diary of a XXXX?

    Travel writer turn poker writer doesn’t quite cut it.

    101 Nights in Vegas: Diary of a Poker Fan
    101 Nights in Vegas: Diary of a Poker Groupie

  5. I like 101 vs. 100. Or you could even do 102 just to be different. But the public may not see that as clever. (Remember: people are smart, the public is stupid….or maybe not as harsh: people get it, the public doesn’t).

    As for a minion…that is not a bad idea. Maybe an intern from UNLV? If you are a Seinfeld junkie, you could get a “Darren” for “Kramerica Industries”.

    But seriously, maybe you should hire someone to take care of your non-writing activities. Maybe once or twice a week. Maybe do dictations; something to ease the load and allow you to concentrate on what you need to do.

    A good friend of mine (a photographer) has a great philosophy….outsource (to a trusted person) the things that you aren’t good at so you can actually work. Easier said than done, but it could be extremely valuable and worth the extra cost. Think of it as an investment in yourself. And you’re worth it, right?

    I also like the digtial recorder in addition to the minion.

    Ok, there’s my 8 cents.

    Off to scout a location this afternoon……

  6. 101 Nights in Vegas it is. And last night is living up to another worthy post. But I made it home before 3am. The question now is, how do I protect all the big poker names that will be in the book? Obviously the book would be so much better if I didn’t change their names. But I also doubt they want to be mentioned. However, since there will be so many different names…maybe some of them won’t mind because it’ll be broken up and not all about them.

    You just witnessed a tired, guilt-ridden (need to do more work), thirsty, starting to get hungry, train of thought.

  7. My vote for title is β€œ101 Nights in Vegas: the Mad Diary of a Poker Fan” and the cover image could be a caricature of you sitting at a poker table, a pile of chips in the center and you would be peering over a fan of 5 cards with really insane looking eyes – like someone who has been gambling for 24 hours straight and needs one more ace to take the jackpot. πŸ˜‰

  8. Michelle! Excellent addition!

    I love the mad diary part. And I actually didn’t go out last night, tho I got a call right before 11pm with a request. It was the first night I went to bed before midnight and I still woke up at nearly nine, so I’m pretty pissed off.

    As for the cover, I’ll probably do something a little sexier. To sell books, maybe I’ll rope in a few name players and have them standing up and holding me horizontal or something. I would hope to know a few by the end of summer!

  9. Well, I think 99 Nights in Vegas: Mad Diary of a Poker Fan will have to do. I refuse to miss Rolf’s class and he has a spot open for me on the last day July 25th. Remember, they’re a day a head, almost.

    That’s ok 99 works. It’s kinda like a sale! Cha-ching…

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