Current Location: Redwood City, CA

Current Weather: 52 and hazy

Current Reads: Devil in the Details : Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood by Jennifer Traig (Jennifer will be featured on WR this week as part of her Virtual Book Tour!)

Movies this week: Ocean’s Twelve

Song I get excited to hear: “Collide” by Howie Day

Pitches: 1

Assignments: 0

Biggest worry: I’m getting a repettive motion injury.

Number of days my trackpad thumb hurt: 7

Current writing: Bulgaria story (7) LP humor story (1) (level of difficulty 1 being super tough 10 being super easy)

Books I could get my name on the cover of if I pull a rabbit out of a hat and the rabbit was holding a story I wrote: 2

Biggest accomplishment: Signing book contract for The Thong Also Rises

On or offline poker played: 0 🙁

TV poker watched: some Celebrity Poker with Chevy Chase

Thoughts that Phil Gordon was starting to look charming: 2

Increased Interest in Phil Gordon after reading Bravo bio: some

Admiration vs. Disgust in Phil Gordon after reading adventure travel bio on his personal website: 8.5 vs 7.9

Need to talk to my personal Canadian Statistician to overhaul my numerical ranking system on this feature to make sure I’m accurate: Dire

Recalculated Admiration vs. Disgust in Phil Gordon after reading that he might be a Democrat: 8.5 vs. 6.9

Gym visits: 3

Pounds lost/gained: ?? no scale!

Times my pants tried to fall off while I was running across the street: 2

New TV crush: The nice bearded guy on ER who showed up this week, who is he?

Next Author Event(s): Tonight! at Book Passage, 7pm.

Next Speaking gig: Southern California Writers Association, January

Bylines: side bar in upcoming Rough Guides First Time Europe by Doug Lansky

What I want for Christmas: Chance perfume by Chanel

Website of the Week: The 101 Best Websites for Writers

Planned trips to Las Vegas: 2 (Superbowl weekend at Caesars, and 3/31-4/4 with nearly all the Leos)

Best line received: Wanna feel my pen?

Reported Written Road fan assignments: 1 from the Travel Savvy lead

Wireless Hotspot I could live at: Cafe Evolution

Today’s HIGH: Getting new personalized note cards done with an oldfashioned hand typeset printing press

Today’s LOW: I can’t go watch Pauly’s World Poker Blogger Tour

What I’m wearing: My SC shirt to support Matt Leinhart and Reggie Bush in the Heisman announcements today.

Next Trip: Portland next week for the BootsnAll Travel Party. Join us!

What are you up to?
Last week’s stats.


  1. The new ER hottie, Jake, is none other than Mr. Eion Bailey also seen in Band of Brothers. Born 1976, he is a California boy. Hope this one sticks around, the other med students are kind of duds.

  2. In case you’re wondering about the Phil Gordon disgust, it was more a competitive shoulder turn. From the bio it looks like he’s done it all. The epitome of living his dreams. And for a girl like me, whom many of you can atest to, that’s uberattractive. But also begs the remark, Well, what good are you to me if you’ve already done it all?

    Well, my self involved negative attitude wasn’t going to deter me from reading more about him. And their attitude toward women just cracked me up. So, I’m less disgusted now. But not so much I’m sending in my vitals.

    Read their answers to the questions “Are you guys married?” and “Do you have girlfriends?”

    Charm factor just went up. 🙂

  3. Current reads: Ironweed by William Kennedy, Notes on Graphic Design by G. Berryman, Don’t Know Much About the Bible.

    Times I heard a European accent and remembered why I am REALLY spending a semester abroad: 2

    Times the thought “I hate trains” passed through my mind: 17 (no joke)

    Times that thought was between 3AM and 5:30AM today: 14

    What makes me smile: Tim McGraw’s Back When, brownies, the FedEx guy, being voted the best final project for my design class.

    What will make me sad next week: Finishing school in Chico and moving away from awesome friends and professors.

    People I have asked God to kick: 4

    Times I felt like I was behind schedule: 8

    Professions I have been considering: graphic designer, professional student, professional drinker (yes, in Chico, these last two CAN be the same).

    Profession I will most likely choose in the next week: professional drinker

    Drinks on tap this weekend: champagne, hurricanes

    Times Jen was my hero: 2

    People who reminded me that life is hard and I can’t control everything: 6

    Times I was reminded how much I like to boogie: 1

    Best deal: Sweeeet cocktail dress for $8.99

    Dates I’ve made: Going to see Ocean’s Twelve with my dad

  4. As the mother of aforeblogged Alex, I am concerned that 4 years of college will result in consideration of job as professional drinker. But given she is going thru finals, trying to move, and planning a trip to Colorado, and moving halfway across the world to study in London, I am not surprised. In fact, maybe I will change professions myself and take up professional drinking!
    And if I weren’t happily married, I might start thinking about Phil Gordon myself, Jennifer. He is a cutie with a great resume.

  5. Yes, Susan, but perfection is something to be very wary of. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is.

    And I think, without meeting him in person (of course), I’ve found his flaw. He could be a possible womanizer. I read their first story on the TiltBoys website and was almost turned away by their description of him, “the tall, horny one.”

    But then I read the story and was utterly charmed. Now I really have to redo my numbers. It’s a long ass story, but a really good read. As you know, I was laughing so much I had to read you parts aloud.

    I was already excited to move to Vegas this Spring. But now, I can only hope that there are lots more smart-can’t-stop-betting-on-everything boys out there. If I can smile my way into a posse of boys like these ones, well, I just might think I’ve found my way home. At last. However, I have a feeling guys like this don’t take too kindly to ladies joining their group. I’ll do what I can. Who wants to bet I make my own betting-lovin’,cheeseburger-eating, joke-telling, poker-playing group to call my own?

    And on a totally different topic, I have found a good reason not to elope. I want heaps of betting at my wedding. Over/unders. What kind of underwear the bride is wearing. If the groom is wearing. If the bridesmaids are wearing, and any and all things I can think of. There will be a bet sheet upon arrival for guests and I’ll make my Uncle Jon be the bank to coordinate all the fun.

  6. Thanks. 🙂

    But shut up already! If Phil or Rafe come over here they might think I paid you to say that! 😉 Let me play it cool first. Then they can find out about the real Leo on the third meeting. I already know I f-up the first one out of nerves, and I imagine the second is much like the first. Just wait till I move there. Whatever gem I meet will find me on natural terms. That said…back to reading about the Tiltboys. Damn, they practically have a book online!

  7. Ok, first of all, I absolutely refuse to get excited about this man. We all know that gets me nowhere.
    But….I am also afraid that there are several WR fans out there that I haven’t even met yet who know me well enough to know that if this guy’s Q&A is true, I’d be in trouble if I met him. Big trouble…my closest friends are always hoping I’ll ditch my interest in shy boys and go for someone more my speed. but I don’t think I could handle someone who had the same attitude towards life that I did. I guess only time will tell. You guys better read this list. Still, there’s no way a guy of this caliber is still single at 34. No way. And yeah, I worship Gwyneth.

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