Current Location: Redwood City, CA

Current Weather: 52F, 11C, sunny enough

Current Reads: Submissions for the Thong Also Rises

Number of new men since last week that want to be my #38 after I posted about Aczel’s Chance probability for finding a partner: 1

Level of seriousness of last week’s offer vs. this week’s offer: 2 vs. 9

Movies this week: 0 but made plans for next week

Pitches: 1

Assignments from people I didn’t have to ask: 2

Friends in the media: Dan Buczaczer quoted in “Sony Pays $25,000 a month for Gawker Blog,” AdAge; Jim Benning interviewed on Gadling’s second podcast

Number of new blogs I’m considering writing for: 2

Number of dreams I’ve had featuring Phil Gordon: 1

Number of dreams I’ve had featuring polar bears: 1

What I want for Valentine’s Day: A real life Hitch

What I’ll settle for on Valentine’s Day: Someone taking me to see Hitch

Number of Valentine’s Day presents I made for someone else that might be the funniest present I’ve ever made: 1

Number of Valentine’s Day presents I almost bought but the eBay gods/ or Cupid himself didn’t want me to send: 1

Guarrantee that I’m not sending any presents to Phil Gordon: 100%

Number of women emailing me to tell me about one of Phil Gordon’s recent dates: 1

Current writing: Zero, I’m reading everyone else’s.

On or offline poker played: 4 hours

Number of poker players that I had to tell about TILT: 1

Number of non-poker playing friends that started watching Celebrity Poker because of my Phil Gordon talk: 1

Number of non-poker playing friends now watching Celebrity Poker that think Phil Gordon dresses like an old man and needs new TV clothes: 1

Wifi Girl: Bought a wireless finder keychain

Gadgets I bought that I might take back: See WiFi Girl

Gadgets I bought that I love: 1 (Memory Stick)

Next trip: Friday, Vegas for Superbowl.

Number of family members cancelling on Vegas which will leave me going alone: 4

Number of minutes my rice krispy square treat sat on a paper napkin before I realized they had stuck together: 20

Number of pieces of sticky paper napkin still stuck under my fingernails: 3

Number of people photoshopping silly pictures so I don’t have to go naked on the cover of my next book: 1

Number of red Jeep Cherokees I drove that go 35mph when my foot is not on the gas pedal: 1

Things in Palo Alto that made me smile: Two young girl scouts taking cooking orders, a couple chatting and laughing while leaning their backs against a car, a dog getting a treat after doing what it was told, a rainbow

Parties I went to where SF Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik was also in attendance: 1

Parties I stayed longer at because an editor at The Believer was making me laugh: 1

Parties I flaked on because I was reading submissions for Thong: 2

Song I like to watch my friends sing: Gourds: Jin and Juice

Last week’s stats.

What are you up to?


  1. First of all, who lets a rice krispie treat sit for 20 minutes? Shame on you. Some redeption points for scraping paper off and eating anyway, though.
    Secondly, our motto on the Jeep is “Drive it til it dies.” So at least it’s not dead yet! Of course, safety is a factor, so I’ll go check the insurance on that puppy right away…..

  2. Ski crash causes head to bleed: in 3 places
    Other body parts injured: 2
    Pieces of equipment broken: 2
    Moral of story: a) look b) leap
    Relationship crash causes: 1 girlfriend breakup
    Equipment broken: no, still works
    Amount of time after breakup before an ex-girlfriend randomly called from Oregon: 1 hour
    Girls have E.S.P.: I think so
    Number of times WrittenRoad blog was quoted to me by person I had never met: 1
    Number of dinners I thought was a date but was really a P.R. meeting: 1
    But I still scored: 4 day press junket to ski Mammoth Mountain
    Current Reads: Pottery-themed travelogue of Japan
    Huh?: All I could find in English, leave me alone
    Travel story pitches: 2
    Answer to both: Um, no, but try again
    Bars visited for story โ€œresearchโ€: 4
    Live bands: 3
    Pole dancers: 2
    Average weight of pole dancers: 250 lbs.
    Felt sorry for: pole

  3. No way, you broke up? Over a crash? What were you doing, throwing a ski over another slope bunny? Is this one of thost break ups that happen for the weekend just so you can go hook up with a PR chick but will really be back on in two months after you’re done being lonely for someone who really knows you?

    hmmm…we need beers, but it definitely won’t be a date. Let’s ask Nate, too.

  4. Drug-induced Stats:

    Weeks since back surgery: 4
    Number of hours in bed per day: 22-23
    Bowls of ice cream justified by said incapacitation: 7
    Number of opiates consumed per day: down to just 4!
    Bad/scary/weird dreams caused by said opiates: at least 4 that I remembered the next morning
    Opiate to Dream ratio: 1:1
    Number of laxatives consumed per day to counteract opiates: 2
    Number of BMs caused by said laxataives: Oops, TMI
    Books read: 1, The Crazed by Ha Jian
    Hours of Mindless Television: stopped counting after 50
    Kitchen drawers relined, due to boredom: 5
    Online shopping purchases: 1 (just getting back into retail therapy)
    Conversations I have had with my cats just so I don’t go stir-crazy: at least 7
    Times the cats answered back: 0

  5. My Jeep Cherokee finally died a quick, but noisy death last week.

    Borrowed a friends extra car, a Mercury Grand Marquis.

    I swear, you get in the thing, you start wanting to bitch about “kids these days.”

    ‘Level of seriousness of last week’s offer vs. this week’s offer: 2 vs. 9’

    Only a nine? What a slacker!

  6. Return of the Leos!!!! False alarm, 3/4 Leos are on schedule to make the trip. Caesars, here I come.

    Side news is that I got a date offer for Superbowl and I ignored it. Larry always says I measure a man by his willingness to meet me in Vegas at a drop of a hat. Believe it or not, no man has ever said yes. Now I get an offer and I freeze. Typical Leo.

    I wonder what my measuring stick will be when I move there this summer. “Wanna go to San Diego and meet my family?” ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Best place to find beautiful men: The Luton Airport in London.

    Number of buses taken: at least a dozen

    Newly created cuss word: bus

    Number of crazy bus drivers met: 3

    Modes of transportation for the week: tube, train, walking, running, busing, taxiing.

    Nights spent in a freezing cold hostel that had no toilet paper and was in the middle of nowhere: 2

    Total Miles walked: we think 25-30, but definitely 12 the first night.

    Am I kidding?: No. And I mean, no.

    Escorts we received on the night of said long walk: 17-year-old on a bike and his gang-member coke head friend with the crazy laugh.

    Times I was glad a certain friend secretly packed my Michelin Man jacket: dozens

    Times I resented said appreciation because I was wrong: maybe a third of the dozens

    Venetian pastries consumed: 4

    Venetian hot chocolates imbibed: 4

    Times I needed to ask God to kick a certain professor: 3

    Reason: inappropriate yelling

    Number of people who agree it was inappropriate: at least 15

    Why I think she yelled: she is just plain crazy.

    What is on the TV that no one is watching: a documentary on spontaneous combustion.

    Number of guys my roommate and I have both had the hots for: 1

    Who won: looks like her, but stay tuned

    Things I am excited about: lemon curd I got at Marks & Spencer’s, visiting Stratford-upon-Avon

    Celebrity sightings by flat mates: Joshua Jackson by Katie on her 21st birthday.

    Where she saw said celebrity: back of the theatre where she saw him in a play

    What she got out of waiting for him: pictures and an autograph

    Times I thought my red Jeep Cherokee may be being abused while I am away: 1

  8. Amount of enjoyment I get out of reading Jen/Susan/Alex’s sort of weekly stats: Lots

    Amount of guilt I feel at never contributing my own: Lots

    Times I laughed out loud at Alex’s London stats: 5

    Average hours a day I am working from home for my new freelance business gig: 6

    Emotion felt when my first PR proposal was accepted and praised by a new client: Elation

    Average hours a week I take a walk/bikeride/have coffee with a friend/have a beer on the roof: 5

    Number of nights I will spend with my S.O. camping in Joshua Tree next week: 5

    Number of nights rain is forecast next week in Joshua Tree: 3

    Age of S.O’s male friend who works in Vegas and whom I plan to set Jen Leo up with: 44

  9. Hey Everybody, these are just great! Post them when you can, don’t when you can’t, no biggee. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish I could respond to all of them but I can’t.

    Krista…44 is pushing it. But I’m trying to keep an open mind these days. I will have to draw the line at vegetarians though. And that goes for the rest of you wannabe 38s, too. Gotta eat the red meat. And you’ll have a serious setback if you don’t like going to the movies. Ok, that’s not too picky, all things considered. ๐Ÿ™‚

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