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Catalog Copy Due

I thought the title for the humor book was settled, but not quite. With catalog copy due to our distributors today, emails started flying again. New suggestions even adding to the mix. You’d think that a title is a title is a title. But that’s not true. There are many behind the scene factors that […]

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Idea Sheet

Do you have one? I’m not talking about the little note book you carry in your back pocket for all your brilliant thoughts that strike when you’re away from your desk. No, I’m referring to the one that you keep at your desk…taped to the wall, or stuck in your calendar so that it stares […]

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Sand In My Bra 0 comments on Book Title

Book Title

Ahhh the process…We are finally getting closer to getting the humor book done. Today we’re discussing the different aspects of book sellers’ and book buyers’ intelligence in how they can read and understand a title. I’ll spare you the details, but know that it is fun. Here’s the latest: Sand in My Bra…And Other Misadventures: […]

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