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Print On Demand

Want info on Print on Demand? Here you go. It came in as a warning that was posted from one of my newsgroups called WorkforWriters on YahooGroups. I get a daily digest from them with heaps of informative posts. Lots of writers conferences, advice, contests, and links from across the nation and worldwide. Fyi…The international […]

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Get an editor

Wow, I just spent the past 30-45 minutes editing a story for the author I’m working with — let’s call him Sam — and this story is going to be a seller! That is not his name, but I don’t know if he wants to be revealed in the blog, so, we’ll give him a […]

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Faith and Follow-Thru

I spelled Follow-Thru like Drive-Thru because it reminds me of milkshakes and having a positive association might make it more fun. Lately I’ve been spending what seems like a lot of time every day reading newsletters and yahoo groups and doing Google search after Google search for market research. I’m learning lots and trying to […]

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Just Request It

I was scouring the net last night looking for apporpriate magazine leads for both myself and the author I’m promoting. If the web site doesn’t have submission guidelines, just go to their contact page or feed back page and send off an email requesting writers guidelines. Those emails are generally looked at by an editorial […]

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