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Hemispheres Magazine

Hey Travel writers, Hemispheres, the inflight magazine for United Airlines, is a great outlet for your writing: 3 Perfect Days “The perfect travel planner with a fully searchable database to find exactly what you need to know about wherever you’re going.” Roving Gourmet “Knowledgeable resident writers offer their selections of the best restaurants in major […]

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Larry Habegger

Yesterday morning I asked Larry if he’d write up a short summary of his evening with Pico Iyer and Don George for a guest post on Written Road. Knowing how busy he is I didn’t expect him to oblige. But midday I got an email from him jokingly cursing me for asking him to do […]

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Soon Soon Soon

Last night I worked on coding some of the content for which will be launching fairly soon. That makes me sound like some kind of programmer, but really it means I know how to push a few buttons like you would make a word doc bold or italic. Very light stuff you don’t want […]

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