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Fog Party Fun

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold and wind and made it to Ocean Beach last night. Especially Chris and Sean from BootsnAll who drove 12 hours to be here. I had a fun time and it was really great to see everybody. There were some people I didn't expect to see, like Alison Wright, […]

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Sand In My Bra 1 comment on What Bra?

What Bra?

So there I am in the TT bathroom transforming from jeans girl to Event Girl, and Susan asks, “Did you bring your bra?” In horror I look down and see that in fact, I am not wearing one. I had forgot that I would need one at night even though what I was wearing out […]

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Sand In My Bra 3 comments on Just for Laughs!

Just for Laughs!

Montreal turns into total madness during their Just for Laughs comedy festival, known to be one of the the biggest in the world. Last year over 1.4 million attended the outdoor part of the festival. 600 international print and electronic journalists come to Montreal to cover anything and everything about the Festival. And of course […]

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Sand in My Brain

Sand Francisco here I come. Here I am actually, and yes, I meant to spell it that way. I got to Travelers’ Tales this morning and it's been a whirlwind of emails, trips to the printer, online searches — and my favorite thing, answering the phone. Oh yes, and hugs. TTers give the best hugs. […]

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