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“Collection of ridiculous and sublime travel experiences” That's what it says next to our title in this week's San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area Bestseller List We made #10 of ten on the Paperbacks list today. It is fitting because this is the first time in ten years that Travelers’ Tales has been on the list. […]

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The Pressure

Am I a warden and time the jailbreaking convict? Or maybe I am the bullys on their bicycles with time being Forrest Gump. I can hear Jenny yelling, “Run Forrest! Run!” Thank you for your continued patience while nothing has been on the blog. I'm trying to kick arse booking the tour with an avalanche […]

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Is it Christmas Yet?

I really really want this. Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers (Random House, 2003) by Katherine Lederer One woman's autobiographical account of how her intellectual family turned into professional gamblers. The publishers say “An unflinching exploration of trust and betrayal, competition, suspicion, and unconventional familial love, Poker Face is a testament to the human spirit’s […]

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