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Peter Moore

Who is the female equivalent of Peter Moore? Do you know him? I just got his latest newsletter and I’m excited for him and the release of his new book, Vroom with a View. I’ve only read a few chapters of The Full Montezuma,” but he is one travel writer that I’d like to have […]

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You Gotta Believe

I saw some “You Gotta Believe” signs when I was in Chicago during the time of the playoffs last week. Ain't it the truth. For ten years since I've been out of college I've wanted to go to an SC v Notre Dame football game in South Bend. For those of you who don’t know, […]

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Sand In My Bra 5 comments on Q and A

Q and A

Here are some questions that I've been asked this week: Q. Are you burned out? A. No. I’m not burned out, but I feel a lot of self pressure to make this last ten days or so worthwhile. That stress can come out in various ways including negativity and fear. Q. What do you think […]

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