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Who Loves Luxury?

Expedia is looking for a “Manager of Content Services, Expedia Luxury.” I have some of those required qualifications, but I won’t be applying. I’d rather keep building on that list. The experience they want looks fun to attain. Especially the part about travel brochures. And online editorial experience.

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Alive and Blogging

Bus Crashes in Belgium Near French Border; 11 Dead I seriously doubt that anyone I know reads the news this closely, but just in case I'm fine and working away. It's 11pm and I’m all over the web looking for stuff for my Hotel Chatter work. I found this on the AP Breaking news. Which […]

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Well, well, well. Lookie here. I once had visions of doing the kinds of adventures these folks do. I was 22. It didn’t last much longer than buying a pair of Adidas Adventure sandals. But hey, we can contribute writing and photography even if we’re not this extreme. Er, I mean, active. Seriously, I […]

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