A Writer's Life 2 comments on My New Ideas Book

My New Ideas Book

I must be operating on a handful of notebooks right now. Varying sizes. A few that fit in my front pocket. A larger one for a journal that’ll probably only last a week. A few midsized pocketbooks that I’ve continued to carry around even though they’re full. Yesterday, I bought another one. This one has […]

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Personal 9 comments on Question for you

Question for you

What do you all think about photos on websites, blogs, and books? I don’t have my photo on my website or WR because I don’t like judging content by someone’s looks and I wouldn’t want them to do it to me. What I’m saying is I’ll easily put down a book or move off a […]

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Market Leads 4 comments on Moleskinerie.com


Moleskinerie is a new blog that I think is cool. It’s kinda like 1000 Journals had sex with McSweeny’s. I found them because they came to me, but that’s not why I like them. I dig them for their cool journal shots. Every once in a while you’ll see a picture of the journals that […]

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WrittenRoad.com 4 comments on Who Do I Thank?

Who Do I Thank?

I think I need to thank the almighty Google gods at BootsnAll.com. Sean, Chris, Nick… WrittenRoad.com is now the number one item by page rank in Google’s “Arts|Writers Resources|Non-Fiction|Travel Writing section”. Here’s how they have us listed. It doesn’t quite sound like a BnA description though, so I wonder who wrote it. Written Road Blog […]

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