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New! Young Pioneers

Ok, so if you follow Vagablogging you already know that Rolf Potts and several other well liked travel writers have been interviewed in the premiere issue of Young Pioneers. In fact when Editor Dan Eldridge first told me that the debut issue was going to include chats with Tony Wheeler, Jeff Greenwald, Robert Young Pelton, […]

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A Writer's Life 3 comments on Picky


Today I was approached by a travel website that saw my travelogue stories on BootsnAll. They wanted to reprint my stories on their new site. I am hesitant to link them here because that will just give extra exposure to a less than mediocre site. Anyway, I give them credit for asking my permission instead […]

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In Your Pocket

Thanks to Rolf, I spent a meal with his friend Wendy Wrangham in Prague. She has traveled extensively, or at least lived in several different countries and is a fantastic story teller. And I was happy to have a lengthy conversation with someone other than Jehovas Wittness missionaries. Wendy is an editor with In Your […]

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Around the Bloc readings

Oh man, I can’t believe I’m missing these events! It is not too late to meet Stephanie Elizondo Griest and hear her reading from Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing, and Havana (Villard/Random House, March 2004). Catch her in SF, Santa Barbara, or Los Angeles! The SF Chronicle gave conflicting reviews. On March […]

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