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Sopranos and Writing

In Sopranos (Second Season), Christopher makes some headway with getting his screenplay into the hands of writer/director/actor John Favreau. One thing leads to another and he starts showing up late at some of Tony’s events. In the episode I saw last night, Tony challenges Christopher’s loyalty. He asks him to take ten minutes to think […]

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Left Coast Writers™

Now that I'm back in the Bay Area it's high time I went to my first Left Coast Writers™ event. My friend Linda Watanabe McFerrin was in from the get go, and looking at their about page I also recognize Anneli Rufus, Jeff Greenwald, and Bradley Charbonneau. So, what is it? “Left Coast Writers™ was […]

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Call for Conference Papers

Speaking of travel writing classes, I also found a call for conference papers on Teaching Creative Non-Fiction at the Northeast Modern Language Association convention in Boston, March 31 through April 2, 2005. . “This panel will offer some practical suggestions for teaching creative non-fiction: including memoir and autobiography, personal and reflective essays, biography, travel writing, […]

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