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Love Travel

I was out with Jim, his wife Leslie, and Rolf last week. Yeah, when we’re together we talk about travel books, travel writers, travel, but all sorts of other stuff that non travel writers talk about, too. On this one particular night, I can’t remember if we were in Tijuana, or at this really cool […]

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The Vault: Tim Cahill

What do you call it when you find something online that you haven't seen before? And then what’s the word for when a blogger posts about something so outdated? I just Googled Tim Cahill and found this Q&A on Outside Online. Tim Cahill Answers Your Questions He also listed some of his favorite books. To […]

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Turkey and Poker

Last year's Thanksgiving story, “We're All Turkeys,” can’t be beat. It is one of my favorites. This year the universal way for the Leos to show their love at Thanksgiving was to show up. My uncle brought his family of five from the East Coast (Virginia and North Carolina). This was a big deal because […]

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Travel Poetry?

The Tupelo Dorset Prize makes me think of how Tim Cahill got his yoga assignment. “Jen, there’s a poetry contest running…are you a poet?” “Me? You mean the stuff with the funny names like iambic pentameter? No way.” “The prize is $10,000.” “Oh, you mean p o e t r y. Yes, of course I’m […]

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