Market Leads 2 comments on Compass the Magazine

Compass the Magazine

Why would anyone want to call themselves the tiniest magazine to cover the globe? Well, they aint’ startin’ small, Little Missy. The cover story right now is Texas. Still, using strong adjectives over weak ones will help when you’re branding. Compass the Magazine So, who are they? Another travel website trying to be a little […]

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A Writer's Life, Personal 5 comments on Why Poker?

Why Poker?

My move to Las Vegas and blogging at pPlayer is starting to attract a question I hadn’t given much thought to….why? As in, why poker? Me being me, it seems natural. I’ve grown up in a family of gamblers (except for my dad and most likely not my mom if she were alive). Sound funny? […]

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Resources for Writers 1 comment on Outside is Looking for a Photo Editor

Outside is Looking for a Photo Editor

A little kitty told me that Outside is looking for a full time photo editor. “Candidates must have excellent communication and computer skills, photo editing experience at a national magazine, and comprehensive knowledge of stock photography agencies and outdoor sports photographers. Qualified persons will be responsible for working directly with the creative director and photo […]

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