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Women with Wanderlust

GoNomad has a new article up that features ten books about travel by women. Some great suggestions here from author Kelly Westhoff, including a few mentioned previously on WR. One of the books she reviews is Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Vacation Goals – Adventures in Love and Danger by Wendy Dale, which I finished […]

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Friday Funnies

Yesterday someone told me an interesting thought for those who like to wish…. Hold your hands out, palms up, like cups. Put your fulfilled wishes in one hand, and poop in the other and see which fills up first. As for Vegas love….who likes to gamble?

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Travel Books 0 comments on Asia Grace

Asia Grace

Asia Grace is a unique photography book self-published by Kevin Kelly in 2002. The production notes of how this book came to be tell a truly amazing story, about a fantastic labor of love that took over 30 years to create. The photos in the book came from Kelly’s personal collection of over 40,000 images […]

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Writers Weekly had an article on booksigning tips this week. Martha Reed offered good advice, but I wanted the more pastel Martha Stewart version. At some point before the Thong tour, I’ll do a piss take on tips for author events. It’ll be fun. I also came across this. Celebrity Booksignings. Gotta go see the […]

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Sand In My Bra 3 comments on Postcard from Laos

Postcard from Laos

This just in from Leif Pettersen, a travel writer who has made money from market leads here on Written Road. “I found “Sand in My Bra” sitting in the book exchange in my guesthouse here in Luang Prabang, Laos. I’m super pumped. I gonna trade “Chasing Che” for it. From the looks of it, it’s […]

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