Boy did I have a good day today. I’ve been sweating bullets about being behind on launching the radio show, but it turns out I’m not behind at all. I went into the studios today and met the Production Director, worked with my technical producer, pitched 20 show ideas to Icicle—and they are all a go. We’ll have the first two shows done in a week!

It’s very exciting. The shows will be divided into three 14 minute segments, with a 3 min intro and “outro”.

To top off all the good positive forward movement with the show, they asked me to be the guest “Woman of the Day” for another daily program called “Our Show”. It was fun and the 14 min segment on me FLEW by. They went to break, and I was sitting there thinking, wait–I’m not done! I’ve got more to say! I can just hear my grandparents saying, “That’s our Jennifer, she just LOVES to talk!”

So, now I’m going to learn a new style of writing. Radio scripts. This weekend I need to write out my first show in the three segments, and then give audio cues to the tapes I’ve already recorded.

Anyway, if you can’t tell, I’m JAZZED! Amped, and looking forward to this exciting project. On the Road Less Traveled With Jen Leo.” Stay tuned.

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