Well, well, well. Lookie here.


I once had visions of doing the kinds of adventures these folks do. I was 22. It didn’t last much longer than buying a pair of Adidas Adventure sandals.

But hey, we can contribute writing and photography even if we’re not this extreme. Er, I mean, active. Seriously, I like the site. It’s clean, professional, attractive, and the info is interesting.

Here are their writers and photographers guidelines.


  1. Hey Jen
    I am too lazy to trace your post on the boards and then trace ur email. So, I am taking the short way out. Merry Xmas and a fun filled, happy 2004. I am back at work, as a journalist and am currently enjoying it. — this explains the absence from the boards, too hectic no time…

  2. Thank you for the very helpful website. I am working on a piece for Whose Panties are These, but will have trouble meeting Dec. 31, 2003 deadline. Is there a chance that this deadline will be extended into the New Year?
    Congrats on you NATJA success. I am am member of that group.

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