Since I've been blabbering so much about coming to BEA, and there are a handful of you that have taken action on this, I've decided to give an overview tour to help minimize the confusion before you make your way through the aisles. While I don’t know everything about BEA, this will be my 6th or 7th time at BEA (2 in LA, 1 in NYC, and 3-4 in Chicago).

We’ll meet for coffee and I will give a short talk about BEA as well as ask you what you want to get out of it. When we get to the convention center we will pick up the BEA guide and the Show Daily. I will also hand out a list of various travel publishers with their booth numbers. Read on for details on where to meet, what to wear, and what to bring.

WHEN: 9-9:30am (I’ll probably get there earlier to eat)
WHERE TO MEET:The Original Pantry Cafe This is half way between the Metro 7th Street stop and the Convention Center. We will be doing tons of walking over the next few days so after meeting here we could take the FDash or a cab to get to the convention center.
WHO’S COMING: Alex Brady (TT), Christine Michaud (Sand Contributor and BootsnAll writer), Bradley Charbonneau (TT Editors’ Choice author), Jim Benning (World Hum editor/creator), and I’m guessing that Ken Vollmer and possibly Rabbit might also show up, though please email me so that I wait for you if you are.
WHAT TO BRING: business cards if you have them, your usual notetaking gear, copies of your books, book proposals (or something with an overview of the book you’re working on with author bio and contact info), personal press kits, any appropriate marketing materials for yourself or your work, and if you want to collect publisher catalogs and/or free books — a book bag, back pack, or rolling suitcase (you will see several people with these)
WHAT TO WEAR:Not jeans. Wear what you would if you were giving a presentation at work (a suit is not mandatory and a bit too much). Comfortable shows are VERY important if you will be at the convention for more than one day.


  1. No worries Amy. I’ll call you on the cell if we’re still going. And we’ll look for you at the Avalon booth. I’ll bring an extra copy of whatever I had out to the others.
    See you soon!

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