Richard Sterling, author of several food books for Travelers’ Tales and Lonely Planet, just asked me if I’d heard of this new travel mag. They are a UK outfit that is calling their new mag and site Trip Magazine.

I checked out the site and it looks like it’s just in the beginning stages and several of their links don’t even work.

Two things about them interest me enough to return on occassion to check their progress…

1) If they found Richard, they could know a little about what they are doing. They sent him a personal letter and request for his writing that showed they knew him, and judging by how they present themselves, his writing is perfect for their focus.

2) They pay L$50 per story that gets in the print version. Not a lot, but they’re also not asking for free writing.

I suggested to RS that he check out their print version first if he’s concerned about it and/or see if he can sell reprint rights to some of his previously published articles. If they’re willing, there’s nothing wrong with making a few extra bucks for work you’ve already done!

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