Thanks to the free wireless at Elliott Bay Book Company, I’m sitting near the entrance to my next author event. So far, I am not famous enough for anyone to recognize me. I’m watching and waiting to see who is going to go into the event room in the next 25 minutes. If anybody.


This is my third time reading at Elliott Bay (two women walked in). Once for Wild Writing Women Stories of World Travel, and another time for Sand in My Bra, last year. (A couple just walked in).

Barbara Shaw and Deanna Sukkar will be joining me again. We didn’t get their names in on time so the PR just has my name listed. I feel a little bad about this, because I feel fortunate to have their support. They are here on their own dime, and it means a lot.

Last night three people plus my hostess came to the event. Orca’s was sort of surprised since they said lots of people took the postcards we sent. (one young woman walked in, we’ll see if she stays). The cafe here is quite the draw. People go in to make sure there’s a seat, leave their stuff, and then come out to get a goodie. So, Orca’s. It was the first time I was there and the coordinator said that some authors have cancelled their Friday night slot because people can’t get to it in time due to bad traffic. Well, now you tell me. He had said it was a good night. But it really didn’t matter, I added them to the list because they had Sand on their best seller list last year for weeks. (two more people with coffees). Afterwards he told me that the late comer in the purple shirt was the owner of the store and she rarely goes to events. But apparently she was excited about this one. I saw her laughing. One of the other three guests was about to burst with a baby. Due Tuesday. I like the name Tuesday of all the days of the week to name a kid. Beats the hell out of Apple. Not that I have kids on the brain. Surprisingly, I don’t. Even if a Tarot reader in Vegas said I’d be pregnant next summer. Uh….that’s fast moving even for this retired drama jet pilot.

Did you see this article about the Beastie Boys? The craps references crack me up. “Beastie Boys Embark on Traveling Pageant”

Ten more minutes till showtime. Still slim pickings. Well, I’m not Rolf Potts. His event here a few years ago was a blast!

Still, I love this town, and this store. Deanna just showed up with a friend.

When I got here there was a man, the announcer, sitting in the room reading the book. I thought his name was Greg, but to be sure, I asked anyway. Yep, Greg. I told him I was here last year, and he remembered. “It felt like I’d done this before,” or something like that. I’m foolishly gulping down a double capp. (two more women). I hope it doesn’t give me the shakes. It probably will as caffeine does, but who cares.

Man it sure is fun to sit here and watch people trickle in. Hee Hee. I wonder what stories I’ll read today. I read The Big “O” last night and that gets a ton of laughs at the end. “The Mile High and Dry Club” gets a ton of laughs, I’ll probably do that one. Hmmmm…..Amy Tobey, if you’re out there, your sb gets them rolling. They love it. (oooh, a man and a woman. nice).

Greg just alerted me to the correct time and we’ll be going on just after 1pm, so I’ve got 15 minutes. That’s cool. Enough time to decide if I want to read my story or not. Since Greg just read it I asked him what he thought, “It’s not that outrageous.” Well, I suppose that depends on whether or not you’re asking my dad and brother, or any random stranger.

Ok, seeya. More later. (three more people -one man with Sand in his hand)

(Three more people since I’ve added the logo)

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