logo.gifI just wanted to remind you how cool Media Kitty is. I did a post on it when I first discovered it last year.

Since then I’ve been reading their newsletters, considering their leads, and once I posted a request. Anyway, they have a cool section of their newsletter called “Assignment Desk”. My eyes perked up when I saw this post:

“New York-based travel magazine is seeking original, first-person editorial about the ski villages of Las Lenas (Argentina) or Baqueira (Spain) from experienced travel journalists who have visited these places recently.”

Press trips, story leads, and networking is also available. Go get yourself signed up!


  1. Hi Jen,
    First, a little note of big thanks for all of the great journalists who found Media Kitty through Written Road.
    We are testing the assignment desk feature out and hope you enjoy it. Best wishes as ever for your continued success.
    – Heather

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