Travel has come to be associated with important global questions that deal with social issues, environment, and culture. One site, Make Travel Fair, is focused on engaging the travel community on just those issues, challenging users to truly interact with the world.

The site is currently looking for contributing writers, and although the position is unpaid, this is an excellent platform for those looking to break into the more socially and culturally conscious side of travel writing. And even if you don’t want to write for free, the site is worth a look because of its commitment of encouraging travel as a means of education.

What they’re looking for:

Material that encourages an appreciation of nature, history, culture, the fundamentals of life, exploring and developing a greater consciousness of our surroundings. Learning about the outdoors, the vast amount of history and knowledge that’s ingrained in local areas and appreciating regional food is one way to connect with this same energy and enthusiasm when at home.

How to contribute:
Sign-up on the Make Travel Fair site and start writing! Click here for more contributor guidelines. If you want to contact the editors before starting on a piece, you can do so here.

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