News of Tazzler’s Summer Travel Writing Contest has just come my way.

And the theme is … (they must have known what I’m currently craving) … ‘Oasis’.

1. n. a fertile or green area in an arid region (as a desert).
2. n. something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.

Tazzler want to read about that special place in the world that not only satisfies your thirst for a change of scenery, but goes beyond this, breaking the spell of everyday existence and providing the “refuge and relief” that we all crave, especially in the summer.

It’s an open subject and could cover anywhere, from an urban park or an unforgettable meal in a restaurant, to a swimming hole on a hot summer day or a museum where you lose yourself for hours. As long as it’s a place of extreme beauty, culture, respite, or relaxation.

There are 14 writing contracts to be won:

• 1 Grand Prize: $10,000 contract to be a two-week writer-in-residence in New York City and write 30 Trazzler trips covering the five boroughs of NYC. Hotel accommodations (14 nights) provided by AKA luxury hotel residences. Round-trip airfare provided by JetBlue.

• 9 Runners Up: $250 contracts to write 10 Trazzler trips.

• 4 Editors’ Choices: $500 contracts to write 15 Trazzler trips.

The prize, in Trazzler’s words:–New York City’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization–has sponsored the grand prize: a $10,000 contract to write 30 Trazzler trips with free airfare and hotel for two weeks.

The grand prize winner will stay in the heart of New York City’s own urban oasis, and enjoy the attentiveness worthy a celebrity VIP at the AKA luxury hotel residences. Think great location (one block off 5th Avenue and Central Park) and swanky in-suite spa services. JetBlue will be providing flight to NYC.

Visit Tazzler for rules and further information.

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