I seem to love cross-continental networking with fellow travel-writers. It’s fun, inspiring and you can always take something away from it.

I recently had the privilege of meeting with KiwiWriter Liz Lewis of Write-To-Travel. She was on her way to NY to have lunch with Wendy Perrin of Conde Nast Traveler (she won it through a competition), and took a hault in Madrid.

Those few who aren’t familiar with her work, she is nurse based in New Zealand who wants to make it as a travel-writer. Her blog is a daily-updated journal of her quest in doing just that.

She talks about her goals, how she is or isn’t achieving them and recounts the daily highs and lows of trying to make it happen. She also finds many useful travel-writing resources every week that she kindly shares with her readers.

Her blog is quite an inspiration because it is so focused and disciplined with clear goals and deadlines. It is personal and genuine with a strong un-deterring drive to follow a long had dream.

That’s exactly how she is in person. Interesting, resourceful, organized, responsible, focused, clear, knows what she wants and is going out all-energy to get it.

As for me — someone who’s blog is nothing but a rant, who has sent out no queries this year, who’s goals are the same but head is all over the place, and self-discipline often gets taken over by 60cent beers in the bar down the road, I felt like bit of a disaster after chatting with her.

But I figure you need to feel like that once I a while. Now re-inspired, I’ve started on my goal-list — that maybe I should make public soon, so I have some pressure to not keep them hanging.

But, I do write a lot — that’s my only consolation. Unfocused…but writing nonetheless. Sigh.

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  1. What a small world it is!

    Just a few posts up from your lovely entry about my ebook I notice you’ve been talking to Liz. Liz and I met briefly on a travel writers forum a few months back and discovered we live near each other in New Zealand – we’re due to have a few drinks and some travel writing chat when she arrives back home in New Zealand later this month.


    Helen Leggatt

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