Robert Redford and Paul Newman want to make Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods a movie! The duo haven’t worked together on a movie since the Sting in 1973, but apparently they’ve been looking for a final project together for a while.

Redford will play Bill, and Paul will play Steve. But will Robert Redford don a beard and lose his hunkability? I guess we’ll see…I think he’d look good in anything.

“Redford said he hopes that A Walk in the Woods could be their swansong. “That might be something for Paul Newman and me, if we’re not too old. That’s if Paul can hang on long enough and we can get him on the Appalachian Trail before he gets into a wheelchair,” he recently joked about his famously fit friend.” —The Sunday Times

I’m pretty jazzed about this whole idea. Just this one little mention of it already has me acting like a 6yr old who can’t wait for the pizza delivery.

When they were talking about it at the Tribeca film festival in New York, Julia Roberts said she wanted to play Cynthia, Bill’s wife. This cracked me up. If she wants to be in it that bad she’d be better off as a walk on hiker. As for Paul, they are saying it will be Newman’s final movie.

Is this old news to you? I feel like I’m the last to know because they’ve apparently been talking about it all year on the movie boards. Anyway, I think it’s going to be great and I hope Bill gets a heapload of money for it!


  1. News to me also. Thanks for the info. I’m as excited as when I was 6 and couldn’t leave the playground to pee for fear I’d miss something, so just peed in my pants, and let the warm weather take care of the rest.

  2. I think Redford mentioned it on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago…but I actually thought it was said lightly…something of a joke.

  3. Mind you, Redford is right – given their respective ages, they may have to change the title to “A Walking Frame in the Woods”.

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