blogebrityWR.jpgI made the C-LIST! It doesn’t sound as good as the A-LIST, but if you look and see who these lists are composed of, you’ll see the C ain’t half bad! Big thanks to whoever nominated me. I’m all big grins at this Wi-Fi cafe and some guy looked up and thought I was smiling at him. Nah, it’s just Blogebrity, Baby!

Their entire three lists are composed of 550 bloggers. Other C-listers that I recognize right off the bat include Margaret Cho, Brian Alvey, Maud Newton, and Jay Allen (Zero Boss) . Check it out to see where your other favorites placed.

Thanks for finding it, Dan!


  1. I tried her for that on the last book and she didn’t respond. I’d actually like to go after Cameron Tuttle.

  2. whoo hoo! I think C is a lot more down, dirty and fun than airburshed A!


    though, good lord, i haven’t heard a made up word this stupid since ‘momoir’ … blogebrity…. it’s the Decline of the American Empire

  3. Nice job, Jen. I hate to admit it, but I am there as well. C-list…better than D-list I suppose. Long live writtenroad!

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    and sorry I didn’t see you there earlier Erik. I could’ve sworn I looked. But for as much as you post, I guess I was looking on the B list. 🙂

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