Boldtype (formerly a web-based literary magazine) used to be a part of Random House, but was reinvented by Flavorpill Productions and relaunched in late 2003 as an email-based review. Each month they highlight a short list of books worth reading.

The April 2005 issue is out and the theme is Cities. Non-fiction reviews include books about rats in New York, skyscrapers in Asia, and a return to Bombay. The Cities Gallery is worth a peek too — fantastic urban images gathered from art books. [Click on each photo for info on which book the image came from.]

Since Flavorpill has five flagship cities — Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and London — Boldtype also highlights three books about each (fiction and non-fiction) in the issue. If you plan on visiting one of these urban giants any time soon, pick one of the book suggestions for the plane ride and sign up for their weekly emails about art, music and cultural events (including author readings) so you have something fun to do when you arrive.

Previous Boldtype issues with interesting themes include Worldview and Translation. A full archive is here.

Finally, Flavorpill was featured in the NYT two Sundays ago and they do have some open freelance editing positions. I hope you enjoy browsing their fabulously designed suite of sites and reviews as much as I did.

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  1. If you’re headed to Rome or Antwerp, and you like art and history, you should try the audio guides ( to St. Peter’s Basilica and Antwerp Cathedral. They are quite in-depth, but they’re fantastic if you’re really interested in history and art and architecture. At Antwerp you’ll get the history of the whole city, built-in, because the Cathedral was at the center of most everything that happened in the city for centuries. Highly recommended.

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