Here are some more pictures from Day 2 of the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference. I didn’t take notes or pics at the evening event. Patricia Schultz was speaking about her experience with 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

Basically, she’s sold 1.7 million copies, it took her eight years to write the book, and no, she hasn’t been to all of them. Personally, I didn’t find her inspiring, but maybe others did. I bought the book over a year ago and enjoyed flipping through to see which ones I’d been to. And, word on the street is that Workman Publishing is looking to do more books of the same vein. 1,000 XXX before you die. Got any ideas? Pitch away.

Now, what was fun and entertaining about that night…..was the faculty karaoke session after the shmoozing died down.

Barbershop Karoke with Tim Cahill, Jeff Greenwald, Don George, and Linda Watanabe McFerrin’s husband, Lawry McFerrin.

Come on up Peter Stark, no one escapes the karaoke!

How dare I get embarrassed after I start up “Me and Bobby McGee”

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