inTravel Magazine is a new online travel magazine and forum currently looking for freelance submissions on topics ranging from romantic places and unique cultural experiences to travel book reviews. They’re also looking for photos and longer features on personal travel experiences. They’re paying in t-shirts, but the site has a slick look and a fun-loving tone. In fact, they’re currently looking for entries in a “Funniest Travel Stories” contest, with unspecified prizes.

The deadline for the next issue is July 31st. Find submissions guidelines here.

Pology, a national magazine that describes itself as “dedicated to travel and cultural exploration,” is also looking for contributors. The magazine launched a little more than a year ago and was featured on the Written Road last summer. Since then they’ve drawn the attention of some established travel writers but are still looking for new voices. At the moment it is an unpaid gig, but offers exposure in a visually-appealing publication. Writing and photo guidelines can be found here.

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