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Italy, A Love Story
Edited by Camille Cusumano
Publisher: Seal Press
Deadline: Nov. 30, 2004
Submission Guidelines

“We are looking for compelling essays by women who have great stories to tell about their travels or experiences in Italy.

Send your finest non-fiction writing (previously published work is acceptable, but note it). Whether traditional or creative personal essays, we’re looking for more than memoir or travelogue, though these genres may lend appeal to a story. We’re looking for a strong narrative—stories that build toward a satisfying dénouement—something changed, learned, understood more deeply. Strong character development is helpful. A good sense of humor is desirable, though tragic accounts are welcome. Stories may be rooted in some aspect of traveling there, the joy and/or difficulty of living and/or studying in Italy, an insightful moment of culture shock, the agony and ecstasy of immersion, loves lost or gained with Italian men or women. We’re looking for substance, but style is encouraged.

For examples of stories that worked very well for this type of anthology see Seal’s latest collection, France, A Love Story: Women Write about the French Experience (edited by Camille Cusumano).”

Love Stinks
Edited by Wendy Knight (cool website!) AND she just won a Lowell Thomas Award from the Society of American Travel Writers. Congrats!
Deadline: December 2004
Length: 1,000- 7,000 words
Pay: $1000
Submission Guidelines

“Wanted: Essays for LOVE STINKS, a collection of stories about the bitter sweetness of love. Non-fiction stories should be told with irreverence, irony, humor, wit, or grace. Not maudlin or schmaltzy. Just honest reflections on human fallibility and redemption, and the inadvertent or inevitable circumstances that can sometimes derail a promising love.

Themes/Issues To Explore:

Betray/Infidelity: The inevitable doom of a first love
Romance-ending work or family commitments
Inability to communicate
Fatal attractions
Bad timing
The crumbling of a long-term marriage
Boyhood/girlhood crush
A former spouse’s remarriage
The legacy of a parent’s divorce
Unrequited platonic friendship
The frizzling of a long-distance relationship

Submission Guidelines:
Preference will be given to original essays, though previously published pieces and simultaneous submissions will be considered. (Please make a note of this in the cover letter.) Please send email submissions to

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