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More Awards

I wanted to blog about awards today and was shocked to discover that I’d missed the deadline for the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards (June 15, 2004) I guess I was too busy being all excited about winning the NATJA award, that I missed signing up for the ForeWord award. Travelers’ Tales has […]

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I was quite pleased with myself for taking a couple days off the computer while returning from Detroit and getting my things together before Belgium. Now I know better. I missed a huge email that said I won the Grand Prize from the North American Travel Journalists Association. I’m still in shock and a little […]

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The Winning Bra!

And the Winner Is….. The “Tropical Delight” bra! Joyce Block from Chicago who donated her bra at The Savvy Traveller on October 9 is the winner of ten free autographed copies of Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures and ten Travelers’ Tales t-shirts. Just in time to give to ten friends (or twenty!) over […]

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