Enormous thanks to Canadian contributors Michele Petersen and Colleen Friesen for their efforts in spreading the good Panties word at their Travel Media Showcase in Tucson.

Check out their display.

One woman approached them and introduced herself as the Brazilian wax job woman. Well ladies, that’s our very funny Cynthia Barnes.

Lets give a special congratulations to Colleen whose story “Love Potion #9” beat out 100 competitors to win “Best Travel Writer” at the conference. Doesn’t that put me to shame since we only included her as an epilogue instead of a full story.

Rock on ladies!

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  1. Jen, I would like to pretend this award was for my “Whose Panties are These?” excerpt but in fact I won the Exhibitors Choice award. In the words of Joanne Vero, Travel Media Showcase director, “The purpose of the Exhibitors Choice award is to recognize the journalist that has best displayed excellence in representing their publication/s and or trade. They were prepared to share their expertise, ultimately leaving the exhibitor well informed on their requirements to possibly be featured in a future article.”

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