banned-items.jpgMy folks are flying tomorrow, so I’m reading up on the latest rules regarding air travel to help them with a few packing pointers. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the major media coverage, plus links to what certain travel blogs are talking about:

The TSA explains Where We Stand and provides a comprehensive list of prohibited items. Regulations were lessened slightly in both the US and the UK over the weekend. In the US, travelers can now bring aboard up to 4 ounces of liquid non-prescription medicine. And in the UK, passengers are now permitted one carry-on baggage item each.

Today’s New York Times clarifies What Can be Carried On and USA Today reminds travelers to Think Outside the Box when it comes to packing. They also compiled a handy Q&A that explains the major differences between US and UK regulations and highlights what tour operators and hotels are doing to assist travelers. The Guardian and BBC have additional details for travelers in the UK. Budget Traveler posted a letter with links to packing strategies and other recent coverage at the Washington Post and Newsweek.

Shifting to the blogosphere, Jaunted sheds some light on why The TSA wants to see your junk, while Gridskipper and Gadling also remind us to keep laughing through the baggage-check craziness. Best of all, World Hum raises its very own Travel-Terror Fatigue Level! Personally, I think Slate may have summed it up best by simply calling August the Worst Month Ever.

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