It's not too late to get into Larry Habegger’s class at Book Passage this weekend.

Crafting the Personal Travel Story

One day. Six hours. Top notch instruction.

For those of you who write me and ask me what I might suggest for getting started in travel writing, this is it. At only $95 it’s not something to think twice about. And if you have already taken Larry’s instruction jump on in with the testimonials. (Class details follow…)

Crafting the Personal Travel Story

Larry Habegger
Sat., June 19 • 10:00-4:00 pm

The best travel stories are really stories about life, with lessons for both writer and reader. Travelers Tales Executive Editor Larry Habegger explores the techniques and concepts that develop powerful stories, unearthing kernels of inspiration. He shows how to find the right lead and create the best structure to give a story substance and meaning. He teaches techniques that are appropriate for both short essays and longer narratives. He includes writing exercises to help students find the focus of their stories. He also offers ideas on where and how to get published. Students should come prepared with ideas they’d like to explore. Habegger is a founding editor of Travelers Tales and has been on the faculty of the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference since 1994.

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If you’re hungry for more…The Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference is right around the corner.

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