Don's PlaceIn case you hadn’t heard, Don George left Lonely Planet. He celebrated the new year with new beginnings and stepped away from his position of six years as their Global Travel Editor. Today, he launched his brand new website Don’s Place. I am personally very excited for Don to leave a desk job for more greener, hopefully more flexible pastures in writing, editing, speaking and broadcasting!

Quite arguably the most beloved travel editor, Don George is so made for TV and motivational speaking. His charm and winning smile are sure to wow audiences the world over. Of course in person audiences will get to experience the best hand shake ever, but were he to get a TV gig, we’d be just as excited. Discovery, what are you waiting for?!

Don’s Place kicks off not only as a virtual calling card, but also as a home to his very own travel writing. Already there is a story about a mate-thirsty booby in the Galapagos on a recent trip with his family. He is also starting a blog, taking Q&A, interviewing top adventurers, and recommending books. It poses to be a top resource for travel writers but we’ll have to wait and see how the community builds. That’s a personal push for you to get over there are start commenting.

I love that Don is doing this and wish him all the best from our corner of the virtual travel world!

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