, one of the best travel websites on the net, is looking for a travel writer. If you are passionate about both travel and writing, stop a moment and consider this job opportunity.

BootsnAll Job Postings

(They are actually hiring two positions — Customer Service/ Travel Writer and an IT Programmer.)

Either of these jobs would be great, but the message that I want to pass to you is that this is a rare opportunity. It’s not every day that you can work in a field that you’re passionate about, and also with a team that is dedicated to their community, is positive about their growth, and has the entrepreneurial spirit and determination to make their company the best that it can be. I’ve known the founders Sean E. Keener and Chris Heidrich, and Community Manager Nick O’Neill for more than three years, and truly admire what they do. They are a great group of guys.

Working with them would be something you’d get a lot out of, no doubt. But the true reward (besides the cool bennies they offer like sebatical’s and RTW tickets), is in the passion of the travelers they are connecting. It will blow your mind and flood your heart to be a part of a company that is enabling dreams to come true every day.

Read their job posting, get your resumé in now, and email Sean if you have any more questions. If you are not familiar with BootsnAll — surf around. Read the travel stories, be amazed at the “Insiders” willing to help others, peruse the travel forums, and just see for yourself.

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  1. This is such a great opportunity, there’s even been talk of hiring someone on to work remote.

    I’d love to jump on this myself but I’ve just moved across the country to be where I am now and don’t fancy moving away any time soon.

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