The first book reviews for The Thong Also Rises are in!
Only….they’re in Dutch. I think….

My Google News Alert sent me to a BookCrossing link from Holland.

If any body can translate, please let me know if they liked it. I think someone might’ve—I saw a smiley face and some exclamation points.


  1. Are you sure it is for Thong? Because the Dutch version of Panties just shipped to us and should be on shelves over there.

  2. You’re right, I don’t know for sure. But between them calling it m’n string, and saying it came out two weeks ago, I thought…Thong. But if Panties just came out in Dutch, who knows…

  3. Hello, I am Dutch and I just found this discussion looking for something completely different. But I am happy to translate foryou. I think this is the thong book, because the first reader describes it: “short stories of traveling women”, which seems to fit the description on
    Entry 4 says: “Fun, hilarious stories that create a wide grin on my face ;-)”
    Entry 5: “I enjoyed reading this book! Maybe it is suitable for a ring”. Next thing, a long ring is forming.
    Entry 8 says she enjoyed to read this book as an ‘in-between’ on a lazy Sunday afternoon. She didn’t burst out in laughter, but it made her smile.
    That’s it! I might just check if our library has your book.

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