EasyGoingI was thrilled to get an email from Easy Going today. They were a great Bay Area travel store and a regular stop for Travelers’ Tales author events. I had been attending events, and reading there for ten years. A few years ago Easy Going had to close their brick and mortar store as so many struggling indie bookstores have had to do. They were trying a few things just afterwards, and then I didn’t hear anything for a long while.

But today’s news shows that they are alive and have revamped their website. I’m already scouring their catalog and hope that if you’re still doing holiday shopping, you’ll have a look at their travel gear and accessories. There are gorgeous Ellington bags in their business travel section, and i’ve already found a clothes steamer and street maps that are on my friends’ wishlist.

Please bookmark the Easy Going website and turn to them when you need to pick up some travel products. You can also buy gift certificates for friends and family. Thelma, Julie, and Michael are good people and were always kind to the travelers that came to their store. They were fantastic at handselling books, and every customer that had a question about their trip received top consultation. I’d like to see their website survive.

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