Work with Google to put your content in front of millions of readers

If you’re an established publisher, author, or agent, you may be able to benefit from the Google Print program. By participating, you increase the potential audience for your content by making it available to millions of Google search users. Google Print pages are returned for relevant search queries, and are clearly marked in the search results. Links are available from each content page, providing users with a quick route to online retail outlets from which they can purchase your books.

Your participation in the Google Print program helps expand the breadth and diversity of content available on the web, which benefits all those seeking information online.

This was a great find on my WorkforWriters listserve. Subscribe to their Daily Digest for a wide variety of writing leads including jobs, resources, submissions calls (I don’t transfer all of them here), and industry news.

I won’t be signing up because “For consideration, you should be the rights holder for a substantial amount of content for which you’d like to increase distribution.”

Substantial sounds like a lot. Like the amount of new content BootsnAll has.

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