Big huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Fancy Pants Contest! Yes, we have a winner. We have one main winner and four honorable mentions. I was in the office last week signing books, writing thank yous, organizing addresses (some of you didn’t include your addresses!), and trying on some of the undies for the grand finale photo shoot. Unfortunately most of you decorated little skimpy or see-through pants so it was a bit tough to get a decent picture. The fact that I’m not a size small didn’t help matters, either.

We did say we’d have a winner by Nov. 1 but then we extended the entries until Nov. 1. So please just hold tight. We haven’t forgotten about you. Susan will be back in the office mid week and can hopefully do something with the photos. I’m finishing up the thank you’s and writing something for the next TT newsie. We’ll have it all up early next week at the latest. Man, we got some good ones.

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