We've only got 12 bookstore events so far and that's not enough in my book. Not for a seven week tour. At this point, it's just as important to get people to come to the readings we already have, as it is to book new ones.

Yesterday, I took 12 postcard designs down to Kinko’s and ordered 100 of each. They have our book cover on one side, and event info, bramobile info, web URL, and press praise on the other. Each store gets one specifically tailored to their store with an additional announcement, “The BraMobile is coming to Portland!”

Usually bookstores promote their events by newsletters, some written and online, flyers in the window, and in the old days, ads in the weekly newspapers.

With these events being such short notice, we want to do everything we can to help spread the word. So hopefully they’ll pass them out at their cash registers or in other convenient pick up locations. I think they will because all the stores we’ve got so far are excited about the event.

I'm very lucky to be behind the publicity wheel for my own tour. I need to make sure I don't take that for granted.

BTW, I’ll be having a text email ready to go out next week that lists all the upcoming events. I’ll be asking those that I know to pass it around to their email friends, but if you’re interested in helping and I don’t know you, please contact me at unhooked@sandinmybra.com

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