It's 12:30pm and I haven't heard from Susan Brady, Director of Production, at Travelers' Tales. Is this a good sign or a bad one? I won't know until later.

This is the day she has five copies of Sand In My Bra sent to her for the final final. Did the cover get really messed up? Are there pages missing or chapters rearranged inside? Once OK, she gives the thumbs up and then they print the rest. I think.

All I know is that they are supposed to ship from the printer on Tuesday. It’ll take three weeks from then to get on bookstore shelves. I’ll have my box of books this time next week. With one in hand when I spend Wednesday at the TT office. It’s safe to assume I’ll be helping Krista with PR related stuff.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Susan contacted me yesterday afternoon and said it wouldn’t get to her until today (Saturday). I’ll check in with her tonight to see if we get the AOK or if something interesting happened at the printers.

  2. Sat night. The books didn’t show. They were supposed to arrive priority overnight for Sat. I guess we’ll see what happened on Monday.

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