Imagine having the opportunity to travel around the world. Imagine writing about your experiences. Imagine having those experiences published in the New York Times. Welcome to Matt Gross’ life as the Frugal Traveler.

Frugal Traveler on the Road

Frugal Traveler sets out to hopscotch the globe using low-cost carriers, buses, trains, ferries and your travel tips.

As a loyal reader and fan, I’ve been meaning to post about the Frugal Traveler column in the New York Times for about a month now. It all began on May 11 in Lisbon, concluding August 11. So far, his trips have taken him to Venice, Croatia, and Albania. My favorite column so far was this week’s Under the Apple Trees in a Turkish Orchard. I swear I could smell the apples.

A few questions have been raised about the cost of his trip. I believe being frugal is subjective. In my class, How to Travel the World on a Budget, my students all have different opinions about what is frugal. For some, it’s sleeping in hostels and cooking meals in the hostel kitchen. Others think its nothing below a three-star hotel and restaurant. As he says in his first column, My Goal is to Go Around the World in 90 Days on the Cheap, “it doesn’t take a sack full of cash to live the high life”, or, in my opinion, the lack thereof. I suggest reading his column for unique travel ideas and moving experiences.

For more information about his trip, check out his FAQ, which is a great place to start if you haven’t been reading his column. Read archived columns here.

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