The Webby Awards are about to announce their 2002 winners and they are currently accepting votes for the People’s Voice Award. As you can see from my links, I’m a World Hum fan and I tell plenty of people about their great site. I also use Lonely all the time–and wouldn’t plan a trip without them. But I’ve been a BootsnAll fan for much longer, and I strongly feel that they should be recognized by the Webby’s. Read the tamed down version of my outrage.

The Webby’s described the kind of travel site they were looking for as:”Travel: Sites that provide travel services and information. These include online travel guides, travel tools and online agents for purchasing tickets, hotel locators, and travel writing. ”

Here is what the web sites are judged on: Content, Structure and Navigation, Visual Design, Functionality, Interactivity, Overall Experience.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my traveloue, I Wanna Be a Travel Writer or other travel stories or resources I’ve passed to you from BootsnAll, please take the time to register your email and “write in” a vote for in the People’s Voice.

They provide amazing inspiration and resources for travelers and deserve to be recognized. I think 100 votes will get them properly noticed and much more might even help get them nominated next year. Please help if you can. I guarrantee they will “pay it forward.”

Thank you.

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