Well, Susan, we’ll have to add Bill baby to our itinerary. Yeah, here I am at Kinkos in La Jolla putting together fun alternative business cards for BEA and I just found out Bill Clinton is giving the keynote speech. That put a smile on my face in an otherwise grouchy day.

The Chicago trip will be a blast. We’ll be pampered up the wazoo what with cashing in on the NATJA award.

I’ve got new biz clothes, so for once I’m not stressed about what I’m going to wear. But I’m pissed off that my biz card situation is less than perfect. I’m crossing my fingers that the Panties cover and website will be up in time. And I’m trying to figure out who I need to meet with while I’m there. It’s going to be strange that Travelers’ Tales won’t have a booth. But I’m looking forward to meeting some more PGW folks.

Here are some programs I want to sit in on:

“Buzz Your Book: An Interactive Marketing & Publicity Session”
THURSDAY: 10:30am-12:00pm
SPEAKERS:Jacqueline Deval – author – Publicize Your Book & Publisher, Hearst Books; MJ Rose – Author – Lip Service & The Halo Effect

“Bloggers: Rewriting the Rules of Tastemaking and Trade Influence”
THURSDAY: 1-2:30pm.
PANELISTS: Michael Cader – Publisher – Publisher’s Lunch; Jessa Crispin – Bookslut; Dennis Loy Johnson – Mobylives; Kevin Smokler – Virtual Book Tour

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