Tim McDonald discusses his take on the state of travel writing in the Golf industry. Is it objective? Is it possible to be objective when those who write about it might also be marketing pros?

“ING writing awards spotlight what’s wrong with media, travel writing”

Like the Gemini that I am, I see both sides. Yes, we do live in a world of vested interests. How can we turn our back on what makes our own lives easier or better? At the same time, I’m confident that there are writers out there that deliver objective reporting. Newspaper writers have to, don’t they?

This could be a very long discussion. I just wanted to point you in the direction of the article because I found it interesting and I liked his tone. I’d like to see what else Tim writes about. Gotta love the passion….


  1. OK, while we’re waiting for reasoned, well thought out responses to the questions Tim raises in his article, can I ask if I’m the only one who is surprised he manages to occupy the high moral ground from the vantage point of a… golfing web site?

  2. Regardless of the personal attachement any writer can claim, it is still possible to live in the world of truth. It only depends on the conscience and personality of the individual writing the story. When a writer wants to cover up something, time will come it will be exposed too. And the credibility of that writer will be doomed.

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  4. Tim has written numerous articles over the past year or so bashing the travel writing industry(in regards to press trips). I worked in the golf industry and have written a few articles on various courses. Its kind of hard to be objective about a golf course. Its not about the cart girls who bring you beer, or the free tees at the counter, its about the layout, the hazards, the health of the fairways/greens, and upkeep of the carts.

    I’m a press trip prostitute and I am proud of it. I have written about the good and the bad. There are also ways to tactfully tell your readers the pros and cons of a destination/resort/golf course.

    I’m thinking Tim was passed over on a few press trips. He always sounds bitter about the whole idea.

  5. Shannon, thanks for your take on this. It’s great to hear from someone else in the Golf and travel industry. I love your attitude.

  6. The only thing golf is good for is imagining the head of someone I don’t like as the ball. That always makes me whack the hell out of it.

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