Summer is almost over here in Madrid. People are starting to get back to work and not wearing shorts anymore.

Other than a zillion visitors (aka sangria and more sangria) throughout summer, I haven’t really done much other than urrr…ummm…browse the Internet. See, it is part of my job you know 🙂

Anyway, I repeatedly get disheartened when I see how United States centered the online-travel publishing industry is.

Although there are numerous Europe based sites and blogs, the most noted ones seem to always come out of the big and mighty US of A. (Correct me if I’m wrong and if I have been swayed to believe this for no reason).

I see these competitions run all the time by people like Budget Travel and Travelers Tales for e.g. – and I can’t enter them because I do not live in the big and mighty US of A.

Anyway, so especially for me, it’s a delight when I come across new Europe based travel-writing websites.

The latest I have come across if Hidden Europe, thanks to friends at Eurocheapo, who have a great new blog section.

What I liked about Hidden Europe is that it publishes articles about the corners of Europe with a quirky spin. Definitely off the beaten path, and not trying to compete with standard commercial travel-publishing or informative write-ups.

The magazine is bi-monthly and was started by two girls based out of Berlin, and they have covered some great stories such as:Visiting Father Frost: In search of Santa Claus’ comrade, and A Swedish village in Ukraine: Gammalsvenskby.

HOWEVER, I was disappointed to find that it’s not free to read.

Good for them, but at a subscription of Euro39 a year (for 6 issues), makes it more expensive than Time Magazine – but oh well.

They do have some complete stories uploaded in their Flavour of Hidden Europe section, which you should definitely check out.

They also seem to accept submissions, but do not mention if they pay.

Worth a visit to read some different and original travel-writing.


  1. We would both like to thank you so very much for mentioning our magazine (hidden europe) here on Written Road. Is it helpful if we add a word or two? We hope so.

    We are always really looking out for good material, and although we receive an enormous number of proposals, it’s still not easy for us to find just what we want. We reply with great care to each and every pitch, especially where it is evident that the putative author has really checked out our submission guidelines. You will find find those guidelines online at our website at

    So far this year (including our September issue), the work of seven outside authors has featured in the magazine – and during that same spell some 200 would-be writers have approached us. So, yes, we’d love to hear from ‘Written Road’ readers, but please do check out those guidelines. Most of those who write for us have lived (or spent some time) in the communities about which they write.

    Yes, we certainly offer a fee for all contributions. I guess our remuneration rates are well in line with those prevailing in central Europe. We engage our authors very much in the editing process, working closely with them, to see their essay through to publication. We pay prior to publication. We have a preference for working with a small number of authors who can offer a sequence of essays (often on related topics). We take every opportunity to meet our authors, whether by inviting them to Berlin, or meeting them elsewhere (usually in London).

    We hope these few comments are of interest. Please do contact us if you feel you have the germ of an idea.
    Susanne and Nicky
    editors / hidden europe magazine
    Berlin, Germany

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