…when it goes in my favor. I’ve been wrong twice in the past 24 hours and for this, I’m pleased. One, I was hesitant about getting excited about my trip to Ireland for New Year’s. Ok, I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Mostly because I thought I’d be spending every moment with married couples and their kids. That I’d be the only single person around for miles. And that my free time would be spent working, when I wanted to be out exploring.

But, as travel will do to me. I got excited in the airport. And even more excited as we drove away down the coast from Dublin in our rent-a-car. By the time we got to the seaside B&B, the only thing out of my mouth was “We’re in Ireland!” “We’re in Ireland!” Since then I’ve only been grateful and happy. And now that I found out there will be a single man with us for NYE dinner and that I will be able to be there, I’m over the moon. Dumb attitude, I know. But hey. My low expectations have already been exceeded, and someone — NOT YOU— can say “I told you so.”

The other thing I was wrong about was InsideOut

I remember when they debuted this small travel guidebook at the Book Expo of America a few years back. I laughed at it and thought it was gimmicky. But since I’ve been in Belgium and bothered by maps getting wet or misfolded, I thought this was the coolest thing when I saw it at the airport.

I’m probably only going to be in Dublin an afternoon or two at the most, but still I couldn’t resist getting it. If only because it had everything I needed. Two detailed pop out maps. A compass. A pen. You have no idea how dumb I thought these things were before I needed them! Before I would’ve laughed at reducing a city to just a handful of bars sightseeing options. Now, I think the people at InsideOut are brilliant and need better marketing. I mean come on, I don’t have time for more things to do and I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out! Screw the bigger heavier guidebooks!

These pocket guides are the size of a postcard and about a half an inch thick. They are as wide as my hand but not even as long as it. I’m Big Kev, and I’m EXCITED!

So, there we go. Eating my humble pie. On both accounts. How dare I turn a negative look at the opportunity to get to a new country for any reason, nor a guidebook that is just trying to help me out.


  1. That popout map is for me! No more insane body movements to find that certain place that I usually end up not finding, because I’ve torn the spot where it is, plus my sore muscles remind me for a day or two of my failure.

    May Inside/Out become famous and profitable.

  2. you lucky duck! enjoy it all!
    folks who own up to their mistakes and misadventures attract good fortune like flypaper!
    go! go!

  3. you lucky duck! enjoy it all!
    folks who own up to their mistakes and misadventures attract good fortune like flypaper!
    go! go!

  4. Thanks everybody. Lucky for me I’m living my own “you can have it all if you just try” (or most of it) motto. I’ve held up to my responsibilities here, got work done, and have also been exploring. It’s been good but I’m looking forward to returning to Belgium tomorrow as the emails are piling up beyond control. Hope you all had a happy new year!

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