Yesterday was my last day of driving. It was eight hours long. I held my own at the craps table Monday night, and resisited a morning roll before heading off to Atlanta. We left at 10:30 and got to Raj and PK’s by 8pm. Homemade Chinese food, curry, and Oz wine awaited. It was so great to see Raj and meet his wife, PK. Raj is the Asia editor for Travelers’ Tales, and my first friend after moving to San Francisco.

This afternoon we went to Emory University and plastered flyers for the event at Charis tonight. Did the same at a row of coffee houses nearby.

Thank you to everyone who’ve sent in emails and comments on this blog about how well I’m doing. I do appreciate it.

It kinda went by fast. It’s almost as overwhelming to be done with it, as it was to begin. Now there’s the next step ahead of me. I had a trusted psychic reading last night and the news wasn’t what I wanted to hear. It reminds me that I haven’t told you here on the blog where I’m headed.

Easy to answer. R i g h t. I’ll be in San Francisco working at TT for three weeks, gathering up my belongings from the handful of locations they are residing throughout California and Oregon, and then wintering in Belgium to edit Sand II. The working titles is WHOSE PANTIES ARE THESE? Details and deadlines to come. Think laugh out loud, with a turn in date of 12/31.


  1. Hey, thanks for last night. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the laugh. I just moved to this side of the coast from Napa (i’ll be back though in may..woo!), and it was great to see somebody from the Bay Area. And to once again be reminded of good ol’ burning man, and all the great travel memories i’ve got stored in my head. Thanks again!

  2. So glad you finally made it to the abode of Rajendra, self-styled Facilitator and Lord of the Browns, and his dear wife Prakriti. Give my best to them. You’re about done. Come home and tell us all about the tour in person.

  3. Sounds like a great ending to a fabulous trip. I’m so impressed by (but not suprised by) all your hard work.

    I thought the Sand II deadline was 12/1–I’ve got something in the works, so I’m happy to hear I’ve got another month.

    Look forward to seeing you back in SF!

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